Paroles My Heart de Spiral Madness

Spiral Madness
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  • Artiste: Spiral Madness40983
  • Chanson: My Heart
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Textes et Paroles de My Heart

I'm alone
In the dark circle of humanity
I'm alone, all alone
I live in this evil world!

My heart wants to go away
From the torture of evil to the light of day
Fly my dream, my black dream
And give me the light of day!

My hellish night changes
To the normal short, grey day
Human bodies divide into quarters
Becoming the dead bodies of evil!

I'm alone...
All alone...
And I live in this evil world...

All the hearts are terrified by death
All the nights and all the days
Show to all people what you can do
Leave this world, when you go to sleep!

My heart wants to go away...

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