Paroles I Wish I Never Met You de Splitsville

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  • Artiste: Splitsville35386
  • Chanson: I Wish I Never Met You
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Textes et Paroles de I Wish I Never Met You

I wish I never met you
Cause I don't want to
Feel this anymore
I'm never going to get you
And knowing this can only
Make things harder
I'm hoping for a breakthrough
I think I'm going to break soon
Because you never show me
The poetry you keep
Under your bed
The sentimental stories and
Bitter words you wish you
Might have said
That crawl up through
The top sheet
And penetrate my sweet dreams
'Til I'm the one
That can't sleep

And in time we will end
Up as dust and we'll float
Through the stars
And we'll look back
And we'll shine

I'll meet you at the Side Door
And you can wear your
Baggy leather pants
And talk about your boyfriends
And I will be the
One who understands
I never want to hate you
I think I'm going to hate you
I wish I never met you

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