Paroles The Next One de Splitsville

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  • Artiste: Splitsville35386
  • Chanson: The Next One
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Textes et Paroles de The Next One

I'd do anything
To get you out of here
Stained in chemicals
Soaked in mother's tears
Faceless criminals
Are puncturing your skin
Life is pouring out
But love is rushing in

I'd do anything
To get away from here
Drowned in alcohol
Choking on stale beer
Searching for the door
I fumble for my keys
You wanted everything
You never wanted me

You're the next one

Waking up in the middle
Of a nightmare
And knowing that
Everything has changed
Search so long for
Something to hold on to
Then watched it go
Oh, I never liked you anyway
Loaded, hoping, that someone's
Going to turn your ship around
But, you're the very next one

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