Paroles You Make Me Insane de SS-Kaliert

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  • Artiste: SS-Kaliert39451
  • Chanson: You Make Me Insane
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Textes et Paroles de You Make Me Insane

The night is dark, the moon is shining on the street
pull on your boots to see the guy you wanna meet
He's waiting in the cold, as if he had nothing to do
And wants to sell the shit that he's got for you
all your friends told that you have to try that
FUCK THEM ALL and everything they have said
you say theirs nothing with it and you just wanna try
but oh, I know how that'll end your not the first guy!

Hey you look into my eyes
Do you believe the fucking dealers lies
really think that shit makes a better world
or what other crap have you heard
he doesn't wanna help you, he wants your money
or are you so blind that you can't see!

[Ref:] You make me Insane
when you pull it in your brain
You make me Insane
when you shoot it in your veigne
You make me Insane
seeing going down the drain!

And now you are standing in the street
begging for money cause you have nothing to eat
at least that's what you say but its not the truth
you need others Loot for drugs to waste your youth
the dealers having a good life without any thoughts
with loads of money and a wife that he has bought
Live your life with spikey hair, get fucking Drunk
and don't forget the slogan that Punx not Junk!

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