Paroles Casualties de Strangelove

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  • Artiste: Strangelove35999
  • Chanson: Casualties
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Textes et Paroles de Casualties

Rat-a-tat-tat on the window
Of a casualty dawn
The wind's tapping out a message for us
A message I already know

The wind's picking up as our words become
The litter of the night before
Words that seem so empty now
Blowing round the room
Getting twisted and torn

Everybody's in their own world
Everybody's staring at the floor
No-one wanna see the sign in the sky
Says people don't talk anymore

I don't wanna stay here
But I don't think I can go
I don't wanna stay here
But I really don't think I can go

It must have been some evil one
It must have been a twisted joke
Whoever it was round here
Turned on that radio
My God it's a sick world
Out there on the radio
Any way you look at it man
Were on our way out
At the end of it all

I gotta say it's a sick world
In here it's a human disgrace
Ru saying if we can get some
We're gonna make it to the moon

But I don't wanna go there
But I don't wanna stay
No I don't wanna stay here
But I really don't think I can go
No I really think I can go
No I really think I can go
No I really think I can go
Oh no
Oh no
Nowhere to go
Oh no

'Cause were all going down together, together
Yeah, were all going down together, forever
Yeah, were all going down forever, forever
Yeah, were all going down forever, together
Forever, together
Together, forever
Going down, down, down

Going down

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