Paroles Song For Tonight de Suicide File (the)

Suicide File (the)
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  • Artiste: Suicide File (the)6018
  • Chanson: Song For Tonight
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Textes et Paroles de Song For Tonight

Wrap your arms around me.
I'm fucking freezing,
and I just saw napalm in your eyes.
Rip off what's left of another day,
another crash.
I'm not good with goodbyes.
Moments like this don't just come and go, so soak it in.
This is all I know. Hollow eyes have seen it all.
They say it takes a lifetime for an empire to fall.
I keep swallowing, choking on ashes,
hoping that you will help me breathe.
But tomorrow's not coming.
There's nothing left to believe.
You look like Christmas to me, pale and glowing.
The streetlight catching you through the window.
And for a split second I forgot all my failures,
and the trash on the street below.
I'm here with you. You're here with me. Let's try to forget.
Flesh on flesh

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