Paroles X Marks The Spot de Swashbuckle

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  • Artiste: Swashbuckle48695
  • Chanson: X Marks The Spot
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Textes et Paroles de X Marks The Spot

Groundbreaking cartographic course
Bottled at the source
Myth to map; Word to World
The paradigm of space unfurled
Nature mirrored for navigation
Reject religious implication
Change in thought; an evolution
Worldwide nautical revolution

Now take this paper parched with age
With lines that dash across the page
Pace your steps across the beach
And keep a shovel within your reach

We've taken our weight in silver and gold
Pillaging and looting as part of the code
We've buried our treasure where old seamen rot
Upon our map - "X" marks the spot

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