Paroles Circle Of Fools de Taraxacum

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  • Artiste: Taraxacum6381
  • Chanson: Circle Of Fools
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Textes et Paroles de Circle Of Fools

Ten years it's taken me to get this far
You've been around just to see if I'd fall
All along my mission you tried to lead into disaster
Pave the road with obstacles of distraction and distortion

Now I see the truth behind your lies
Posing as my friends how you had me hypnotized

Circle of fools surrounding me
Trapping my soul, casting doubt and misery
Ripping my heart out as I'm burning at the stake
No more will I be enslaved, my will you'll never break!

Now I've come full circle so why don't you get lost
Go and find some others fool to bleed upon your cross
Spiritual parasite feeding off of me
By my will I cast you out from your spell I will be free!

I now consecrate my circle
And thou evil shall not pass
As I do the will of the gods
You falls shall never last!

Guardians, watch over me
Protect me from their wrath
So it shall come to pass

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