Paroles Life Goes On de Taraxacum

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  • Artiste: Taraxacum6381
  • Chanson: Life Goes On
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Textes et Paroles de Life Goes On

So I guess it's over, yeah
Has the river run it's course?
There's no sense in starting over
Without the feelings of remorse
I have analyzed the picture
And I don't see us anymore...

All the years that I gave to you
Was my heart and soul
Everything you controlled
How many times must I apologize?
Forgive me for being bold
But you've grown so cold

I'm not sayin' I was an angel
Heaven sent from up above
Somehow our lives became entangled
But now I feel like giving up...

Painful memories they keep haunting me
Yesterday is gone, now I must move along
Gotta keep moving, gotta keep it improving
Gotta keep on moving on!

Life goes on! Even though I'm hurt inside
I will be strong - I'm gonna hold my head up high
Life goes on! Everyday a lesson learned
I will hold on and fulfill my destiny
Life goes on...

Counting diamonds in the sky, I wish upon a star
Wipe the tear drops from my eyes
And the pain that's in my heart
I make a promise to myself to return all the love
Let the angels sing through me
They're descending from above

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