Paroles The Zodiac Told Me So de The Uncontrollable Few

The Uncontrollable Few
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  • Chanson: The Zodiac Told Me So
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Textes et Paroles de The Zodiac Told Me So

Look inside the Sunday paper
See what you'll find
Next to the headline about the raper
And the classified
It's proof that we should be together
There in black and white
Even a fool knows Sagitarius
Always loves a Gemini

We were born to be together
The Zodiac told me so
I'm searching for an answer
But I'm not accepting no

We were made to be together
The Zodiac wouldn't lie
So I'll follow you
Until you change your mind

The stars predicted that today
I'd fall in love with you
And I know that the reading
Is astrologically true

So I'll call you for an hour
A-trying to get a date
Please babe don't be sour
You know you cannot fool with fate

We were born to be together
The Zodiac's always right
I'm not gonna let you sleep
I'll tell you even in the night

We were made to be together
The zodiac has my trust
Because you can't spell
Sagitarius without Us

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