Paroles Funky Jesus Music de TobyMac

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  • Artiste: TobyMac8720
  • Chanson: Funky Jesus Music
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Textes et Paroles de Funky Jesus Music

Rock, rock
Give me that rock
That hip, that rock
Give me that funky

Yo stick it in red
We got the cred
No need to say what's already been said
Don't need to please
When we got the proof
We be on our knees
When we raise the roof
'Cause we got the
Wow pow mix of flavor
We got the funky Jesus blazer
No equal
Diverse people
Come get it now
Won't be a sequel

None of that mumbo jumbo
Give me that hip hop funk soul
Give me that funky Jesus music
Give me that soulful gumbo

Give me that funky
Funky Jesus Music
Give me that hip, that rock, that funky soul
Give me that juicy flow
Give me that funky
Funky Jesus Music
Give me that hip, that rock, that funky soul
And watch this party grow
Let's go

Look at them freaks, they fashion loud
Makin' that hotness, movin' that crowd
Bumpin' that jump with a life injection
Sweet to the ears like the candy section
Hits to the eyes
Feels so fly
Fashion that just won't subside
We got this winner's ball
So check it out
Gonna' watch 'em fall
We're goin' back
We're goin' way back

From coast to coast
This is the most
We got beats and rhymes
And aftershows
We got funky people on the highs and lows
MC's like Wiggy they call us pros
So, sure shot, I could take stock
of this
I'll play the post in the b-boy bliss
See, we bum rush with no discussion
A red hot show with freak production

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