Paroles Highway Passion de Tokyo Blade

Tokyo Blade
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  • Artiste: Tokyo Blade6037
  • Chanson: Highway Passion
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Textes et Paroles de Highway Passion


Screaming with pleasure, wind tears your flesh
Power within your grasp, burn into the night
Smell of death and danger, keeps you driving on
Engines hot and hungry, ride again tonight

Face bleeding with pain when will it end
Are you afraid of dying tonight
Your lights shining bright
Will you ever change your ways
Just live for today

Heads down, how many times, highway passion
Heads down, how many times, highway passion
Heads down, how many times, highway passion
Heads down, how many times, highway passion

Tear out your heart, a voice inside you laughs
Stare in the face of death, this time you can't defy
No one to turn to know, your life is on the line
It's not a crazy dream, I hear you screaming why


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