Paroles Agonies In Your Brain de Torture Squad

Torture Squad
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  • Artiste: Torture Squad6487
  • Chanson: Agonies In Your Brain
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Textes et Paroles de Agonies In Your Brain

Grind down the rotten humanity
Your laws are insane
Burn down with envy and misery
Bestial will be your fate
Doomsday... stars fall from sky
Decay of the race
Grim days, I hear your dying cry
The motherland's a shame

Tears and blood... war and death
Take the glove... start to set
Desolation... tragedy
It's the fate... principle of the agony

Brutal fate!
Putrid corpse!
Killing your lives!

Evil runs like a plague
The ground is dead, forever and ever

Murderers searching for blood
Diseases spreading the pain
Crushin' your heads, your minds
Causing agonies in your brain

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