Paroles Believin de Toxic Narcotic

Toxic Narcotic
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  • Artiste: Toxic Narcotic18055
  • Chanson: Believin
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Textes et Paroles de Believin

Drowning in the needs of everybodys everyday
To thick to move, the friction is the painful taste
Selfish motives begin to co-align
Subtraction an no action are breeding this decline

Instead of Grievin/ I'm Believin
Do all you need to do to get Even!

Prove you can act to put a stop to it
move opposed to those who rule on top of it
Rip apart the works that grind the blind at will
Pit them one on one until ther's none to kill
Don't accept blatant disregard
Overstepped my surroundings scarred
No repair in sight or even planned
Unaware you don't dare to find out where you stand

Instead of Grievin/ I'm Believin
Do all you need to do to get Even!

Here talks a man too big for his britches
Now i don't think it's hard for you to picture this
Is it or isn't this a dilema
From which all other problems stem from!
Prove you can act to put a stop to it!

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