Paroles In The Forest Of The Dreaming Dead de Unanimated

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  • Artiste: Unanimated6290
  • Chanson: In The Forest Of The Dreaming Dead
  • Langue:

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Textes et Paroles de In The Forest Of The Dreaming Dead

see the candle of life
burns out before your eyes
like a mirrors reflection
death is what you see
cold blood flows
through your veins
death is a fact
and to be embraced of darkness
now at the end
your all alone
no god will help you
no heaven to find
you walked your life
like a human statue
now when death takes you
nothing remain
you die in solitude far away from the sun
in a cold and dark place beyond the living
in the forest of the dreaming dead
your empty soul in a mindless tomb
descend to the shadows of a dismal past
in an empty world
in the cold and the dark
beyond the living
a grave of despair
in the forest of the dreaming
the lost and the dead
ride the wings of evil
to the other side
in the forest of the dreaming dead
descends to the shadows of
temptation eyes
the castle of ghosts awaits your soul ...

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