Paroles Dissection Leftovers de Unleashed

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  • Artiste: Unleashed6303
  • Chanson: Dissection Leftovers
  • Langue:

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Textes et Paroles de Dissection Leftovers

Flesh... cat... flesh

I wake up at night so hungry for blood
The taste of a new corpse I feel
Illusions of bodies dismemberment fresh
Dissection leftovers for me
I break into a morgue or a hospital near
My organ erects eagerly
I search for the dishes the surgeon has left
Dissection leftovers for me

Flesh... cat... flesh

I revel in blood and I revel in flesh
There's never enough for my needs
I carve on the limbs and I chew with delight
Dissection leftovers for me

Flesh... cat... flesh

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