Paroles So Sick de Unrest

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  • Artiste: Unrest38410
  • Chanson: So Sick
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Textes et Paroles de So Sick

I know what today
oh, let's simon's say
I just know I do
so much head my flu
so sick, so so sick,
so sick, that is me.

I know what to do
all these things to you
want so much of you
know I do, I do
so sick, so so so sick,
that's my name

all I want to do
is staying up with you
smoother hottest space
always kissing Kisser,
so sick, so so sick, so . . .
watch your wide eyes go.

Lovey Love I do so,
Lovely lover for you
so, so, so, so, so,

On the sidewalk with you
so closer, closer still
Yes I will die for you
(2) joy is Me & You,
So Sick, that's my name.

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