Paroles Conjuring The Hordes Of Blasphemy de Urgehal

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  • Artiste: Urgehal6312
  • Chanson: Conjuring The Hordes Of Blasphemy
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Textes et Paroles de Conjuring The Hordes Of Blasphemy

Deep into a drenched forest drenched by the rain and mist
I lay cold in my lenting, praying to the darkest one

Possess me as I sleep unholy master
Possess me so my dreams can come true
Make me forever a worthy servant
A servant of your unholy might

Conujure the hordes of your proud realm
To penetrate my body

Conjure the horde of blasphemy

Gather them in a circle of black
And make them to eternally dwell within me
Make me stronger, make me prouder
And make me forever immortal!

Conjure the horde of blasphemy

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