Paroles One-Way Ticket To Treblinka de Vaginal Jesus

Vaginal Jesus
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  • Artiste: Vaginal Jesus38559
  • Chanson: One-Way Ticket To Treblinka
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Textes et Paroles de One-Way Ticket To Treblinka

You were hiding in an attic and we kicked in your door,

One-way ticket to treblinka -TREBLINKA

You tried to bargain for your life by telling us there were more,

One-way ticket to treblinka -TREBLINKA

You gave us all the info but we killed you anyway,

One-way ticket to treblinka -TREBLINKA

Thanks for the tip, you penny-sniffing jew

One-way ticket to treblinka- TREBLINKA

You thought that you could hide but we killed your hymie asses

One-way ticket to treblinka- TREBLINKA

All that's left of you are shoes, teeth and glasses

One-way ticket to treblinka- TREBLINKA

It's a white mans planet, and theres no jews allowed

One-way ticket to treblinka- TREBLINKA

Your earthly remains are floating on a cloud

One-way ticket to treblinka -TREBLINKA

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