Paroles Circus Apocalypse de Vermillion Lies

Vermillion Lies
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  • Artiste: Vermillion Lies38799
  • Chanson: Circus Apocalypse
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Textes et Paroles de Circus Apocalypse

Come down and join the circus
It's the end of your world
Come down and join the circus
All you dead boys and girls
If you still have a pulse
We can remedy that
You can check your life
While you check your hat

Come down and join the circus
It's the end of the line
You could fall off the highwire
Or feed yourself to the lions
There's no audition
To get into the show
All that we ask for
Is your immortal soul

Come down and join the circus
It's easy to do
You could marry the strong man
But I think the knifethrower's got his eye on you
Your father will weep
Your mother will cry
Because to join the circus
You have to die

All you have to do is die

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