Paroles Shark Serenade de Vermillion Lies

Vermillion Lies
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  • Artiste: Vermillion Lies38799
  • Chanson: Shark Serenade
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Textes et Paroles de Shark Serenade

I am a shark
I've got to keep moving
And if I don't move I will die
If you hold me here
I'll just disappear

Won't I? Won't I?

Deep in my dark
And down in my cold
WIth nothing to feel
And nothing to hold
If you hold me here
I'll just disappear

Won't I? Won't I?

Just like a shark I will tear you apart
You won't even know what you did
I'll try to spare you the pain of my jaws
But it's just in my nature to rip and to shred

Pretty white teeth
In pretty white rows
Eyes open wide
Even while in repose
If you hold me here
I'll just disappear

Won't I? Won't I?

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