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Virgin Steele
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  • Chanson: I Wake Up Screaming
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Textes et Paroles de I Wake Up Screaming

[Music: De Feis/Pursino, lyrics: De Feis]

Like a portrait born of hate
like a lock without a key
I am trapped here in this prison
deliver me from me
like a world within my head
like a thorn in my side
I am choking on your virtue
what a way to die

And the wind keeps on moaning
shattered lightning from the skies
all your promises are broken
I think you just want to bury me
I wake up screaming every night
I wake up screaming

Like a guardian of lies
bringing laughter in disguise
I am drowning in your bullshit
what a way to die
like a crystal virgin mind
when you blindly lead the blind
I am waiting for my requiem
or the end of time

And the wind keeps on moaning
spitting right into your eyes
every bridge is burned and broken
do you think you want to fuck with me
I wake up screaming every night
I wake up screaming

Ooh what to do now when I see your armour twist and crack
Ooh what to do now when I rip the smile right from your face rip

Like a portrait born of Hate
Like a lock without a key
I am trapped here, in this prison
Deliver me from me

And the wind keeps on moaning
Spitting right into your eyes
All your promises are broken
Do you think you'll stand the test of time

I Wake up Screaming every night
I Wake up Screaming

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