Paroles Never Believed ln Good-Bye de Virgin Steele

Virgin Steele
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  • Chanson: Never Believed ln Good-Bye
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Textes et Paroles de Never Believed ln Good-Bye

[Music & Lyrics: D. DeFeis]

The rose that you gave me
Just died today
I guess you won't be comin' back
And the fire in your eyes
Has grown colder now
I guess you won't be comin' back

And I think of all the love
That's come and gone
Count the miles child
Our hearts are made of stone

Oh, I never believed in "Good-Bye"
So, I'll make love to you -
One more time
(Baby), Let me kiss you tonite
It's gonna be alright - Stop your Cryin'
(Oh), I never believed in "Good-Bye"

I know the nights are longer now
I see that shadow on the wall
And I can tell by the air
It's grown cold again
Yes, the winter's comin' on

And I think of all the time
We've spent apart
Count the miles, child
The silence breaks my heart.
I still want ya
By my side
Can we keep our love alive?


... Baby, let met kiss you tonite
It's gonna be alright
Oh, I never believed in "Good-Bye"

The rose that you gave me
Just died today
I guess you won't be comin' back.

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