Paroles Perfect Mansions (Mountains Of The Sun) de Virgin Steele

Virgin Steele
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  • Chanson: Perfect Mansions (Mountains Of The Sun)
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Textes et Paroles de Perfect Mansions (Mountains Of The Sun)

[Music and lyrics: De Feis]

The day is over, the setting of the sun
My wounds are many, evening has begun
A mist is falling before my eyes
My soul is free now to shadow forth and rise

To tread the paths that none has seen
The Mystic Rose, the Empyrean
Gone forever my days of valor
I will meet you in the sun

I will stay tonight in your perfect mansions
Where the silver horses run
I will rest my head in fields of glory once more
In the palace of the sky

The gods are mighty, children of the brave
Lord Poseidon, a message on the waves
The age is passing, the white ship rides
A voice is calling way beyond the skies

Tell her that you saw me stand (proud)
And you look into my eyes, (no fear was waiting)
Tell her that her name was on my lips when I died
I will meet her in the sun


Death makes us innocent, all truths remain
The white ship is summoning, ride the winds of the sky!!!


We rise above the world and we soar above the waves
With the last of all my breath I slew the best of seven wraiths
Fortune is now waiting like a vulture in the sky
Tears of blood are falling as the god of winter dies
And now we ride... silver horses of night
(Remember)... I'll meet you again in the sun
On holy, holy ground... We ride..

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