Paroles Unholy Water de Virgin Steele

Virgin Steele
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  • Artiste: Virgin Steele6239
  • Chanson: Unholy Water
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Textes et Paroles de Unholy Water

Flowers of Evil shiver on the firing line
Whose face can please me now?
Boundless Queen of Babylon, she rides above the sky,
I'm a Devil, I'm an Angel

The lights are getting brighter now,
Bold enough to stay your prayers

UNHOLY WATER you tell me the truth,
you tell me the lies
UNHOLY WATER you resurrect you crucify,
take me down now

Leave if you're leavin', stay if you have the right
I've never been so alonw, as I am with you tonight
The Funeral Season grows I'm an Angel, I'm a Devil
Where did it go so wrong?
Close your eyes and say good-bye

UNHOLY WATER you'rebringing me down, to Live is to Die
UNHOLY WATER the ending is clean, the ending is now
UNHOLY WATER the Rapture is mine, I drown in your slime
UNHOLY WATER you're deep in it now, you're tasting it all

UNHOLY WATER one last careless, then solitude
UNHOLY WATER you're feelin' it now, I never denied
UNHOLY WATER whenn love turns to hate with Satan you mate
UNHOLY WATER drown in the tears, a Shadow of Fear,
The ending, the ending is now

UNHOLY WATER her breasts were full, her hair was wet
UNHOLY WATER around her throat the Serpent crept
UNHOLY WATER she utters truth, she utters lies
UNHOLY WATER she resurrects she crucifies

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