Paroles Cruisin' de Vixen

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  • Artiste: Vixen15345
  • Chanson: Cruisin'
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Textes et Paroles de Cruisin'

It was earlier tonight, you didn't wanna be alone
So you put on your best jeans, you picked up your phone
Then you called every club you knew, to find out what's going on
As you slipped in your car, the feeling came on strong

You had to go cruisin' (cruisin'), you had to go cruisin' into wild times
Cruisin' (cruisin'), gonna ride out to the red light

You drove off in your fancy little car, you started headin' for the joy
And you got that feeling again that tonight could be so much more
You walked in looking for someone, for something to share
When you walked in, I was already there

Cruisin' (cruisin'), cruisin' into wild times
I was cruisin' (cruisin'), gonna ride out to the red light

Can't you go any faster? - That's better


I think it's time, yeah it's time we broke the ice
You know that this sort of thing, it did already happen twice
I wanna rock, I wanna roll, I wanna eat into your soul
Just push into the litter, whenever you lose control

Let's go cruisin' (cruisin'), I wanna go cruisin' into wild times
Let's go cruisin' (cruisin'), gonna ride it out to the red light

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