Paroles Kiss My Black Ass de Wesley Willis

Wesley Willis
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  • Artiste: Wesley Willis39255
  • Chanson: Kiss My Black Ass
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Textes et Paroles de Kiss My Black Ass

Ram a broomstick up your ass
Jump your ass in the lake
Get the hell away from around here
Leave the premesis before I put you in jail

Kiss my black ass
Kiss my black ass
Kiss my black ass
Kiss my black ass

You are a dirty low-down scumbag
You are a jerk to me
You think I'm an asshole
You need to leave me alone with your war hell ride, punk!

Kiss my black ass
Kiss my black ass
Kiss my black ass
Kiss my black ass

You are drug seller
You are a crackhead as I speak
You are a miserable creep
Here's what you do for me:
Stick your ghetto dope up your ass!

Kiss my black ass
Kiss my black ass
Kiss my black ass
Kiss my black ass

Sprite, obey your thirst

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