Paroles Phantom Limb de Wide Mouth Mason

Wide Mouth Mason
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  • Artiste: Wide Mouth Mason39440
  • Chanson: Phantom Limb
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Textes et Paroles de Phantom Limb

every bottle ever emptied by you
every shoe that you walked holes into
all the bathwater down your drain
knows you like I do, baby

the crumpled side of your crashed-up car
every soldier gone to mars
the stranded light of a burned out star
knows you like I do

you're my phantom limb
I know you're gone, but I feel you
good morning, gloria
who knows you like I do?

every word cut short by a cough
every sentence trailing off
every pistol pin untriggered
knows you like I do, my lover
knows you like I do

I thought I saw you out in the yard
the wind turned pages of your book
I swore you came to me as music from some window
down for one more look...

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