Paroles Antagonism de Will Oldham

Will Oldham
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  • Chanson: Antagonism
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Textes et Paroles de Antagonism

I went someplace where some friends and I
Spent some days in the years that had gone by
And one was there it seemed by chance
On the left side of the beach blowing on his hands
While I sat on a right side rock
Glancing over caught off guard and slightly shocked
How could I have known that he would be there
Fixing the water with an aimless look
He didn't see me that much was sure
But that didn't help me feel any more right
We'd been close it had been a long time ago
But I had hardened myself and him I do not know
He just stayed soft and never seemed to grow

Just for a moment
Does it ever dawn upon thee
To do things for me

Swinging back from one chord to another
Try to focus I'd learned from my mother
Who'd also taught me to take care of others
When I could if I could like if they were my brothers
But I never found it much in me to care
If god give someone their absolute share
Of the good that they deserve if they choose not to
Recognize value in the things that they do
I've seen people crumble and fall by the way
And humble themselves like it's their due to pay
But I ask myself why not act harshly
Why keep awful thoughts and feelings inside of thee
Why not mete them out ever so generously

Just for a moment
Has it ever dawned upon you
To do things like I do
And sabotage your rightful due

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