Paroles Do Like Lovers Do de Xscape

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  • Artiste: Xscape4451
  • Chanson: Do Like Lovers Do
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Textes et Paroles de Do Like Lovers Do

Verse One (Kandi):
We've been to the movies once or twice,
Had a candlelight dinner baby,
That was oh so nice.
I enjoy all the times at the fair,
And walking hand in hand on the beach,
With the wind in my hair.

Bridge (Kandi):
Oh I really like all the things you do,
But right about now my body's calling you.
It seems like, it seems like,
It's time to put all of that to the side.
There's a time and place for everything,
And at this time all I ask you bring is yourself,
Cos tonight is just for you and me.
I want you to...

Chorus (Kandi):
Let the night wind down baby
Fall into my groove
And meet me at my house
To do like true lovers do
I want you to...
Let the night wind down baby
Fall into my groove
And meet me at my house
To do like true lovers do

Verse Two (LaTocha):
When you come through my doors,
Take off your clothes.
I ain't got all mine baby,
So you won't need yours.
The places I'ma take you,
You won't be needing them.
So let's stop all this talking,
And let the party begin.

Repeat Bridge (LaTocha)

Repeat Chorus to fade

Let me show you how to love me,
Let me show you where to touch me,
Let me show you how to groove me.
(Repeat x2)

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