Paroles False Alarm de Yo La Tengo

Yo La Tengo
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  • Chanson: False Alarm
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Textes et Paroles de False Alarm

Oh no, I think I'm falling for a false alarm
Like an all-day second stuck
Until you crunch the right arm
Well if I open my eyes, if I just pay attention to McNew
Well, I just held back
To listen to your cues
So it's not enough I never meant to hold you down
Waiting for the firestorm
Waiting for the false alarm

Well, is it really true? Well, I know, I mean I guess, uh, why not
Well is it really true, I don't know,
Too hard to figure out
I'm gonna mark my words, cross my eyes and stomp my feet
Cause I don't want you feeling bad, feeling bad, feeling
Worse than you do
Well, I'll stand my ground, hide behind a fake smile
Think I'll talk about something else
Just for a little while

Aw, said it once, said it twice, said it - you can tell it's the same old tune
Straight down to the bitter end
Tell me when there's more to go there soon
It's gonna hold my tongue in place, think about what to do
If you don't see nothing wrong this time
Well I'm taking it out on you

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