Paroles Zack's Zydeco de Zachary Richard

Zachary Richard
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  • Artiste: Zachary Richard623
  • Chanson: Zack's Zydeco
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Textes et Paroles de Zack's Zydeco

Hey ho, I want to go
Down to Breaux Bridge to the Zydeco show.
Hey ho, why don't you come along,
Listen to the rhythm of the Zydeco song.

Way down in Louisiana by the old bayou,
Everybody grooving on the Zydeco chaud.
Little bitty baby and her old grand-ma,
Digging on the rhythm of the Zydeco song.

Come on pretty baby, don't you want to know,
The secret of life and the Zydeco.
Moi et toi ça fait l'amour,
Zydeco danser tous les jours.

Way back up in the country a long time ago,
How it got started don't nobody know.
It was Uncle Ambrose and Papa Thibodeaux,
Next thing you know they got a Zydeco show.

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