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  • Chanson: Check
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Textes et Paroles de Check

Comin hard core lookin like a gangsta bitch
Tryin to front like you ain't rollin filthy rich
Laguna Hills you were born and raised
But you're claimin South Central's where you spent your days
Comin out hard talkin crazy shit
Knowin in your mind that you really don't fit
Standing up straight, yeah, with a gangsta lean
Talking gangsta slang about what you've seen
Take a chance, kid
Take a chance
Take a chance, kid
Don't fall down hard again
My turn!
You'd better think twice before you come at me
Cause right through your fuckin dome I can clearly see
Hey little dog, you gonna bark all day
Toe to toe in the ring is where I play
so you better step back and check yourself
Stop frontin and just be yourself
Cause no one cares what set you're claimin
'Til someone grabs their gun and starts their aimin
At you
Chorus x2
Trippin out cause you got no clout - J-eah
Trippin out cause you got no clout


Third verse
Cause it ain't about how hard you are
Try usin your brain and you'll go far
Be true to the color that you were born with
Not the fuckin color that you're adorned with
So keep it real and always be true
Be yourself in all that you do
Stand up tall and get some respect
And always remember
Keep yourself in check
Chorus x2

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