Paroles An Attempt To Say de A Bird A Sparrow

A Bird A Sparrow
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  • Artiste: A Bird A Sparrow32224
  • Chanson: An Attempt To Say
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Textes et Paroles de An Attempt To Say

I remember every word you said to me
I remember every breath you stole
And that wont get you very far now
I will know it and soon you will know it too

Lets play our cards and hope for the best
Distractions and setbacks predicting the outcome
I will know it and soon you will know it too

Lets run away as fast as we can
To a place where no one has ever been
I'd be lying if i said i wasn't afraid
As long as your here ill be here to stay

Are there words that are sweet enough to say?
Everything that i wanted to explain
The way you take my breath away

I know we'll have nothing but the best intentions
Im always caught between these miles
And my wild ambitions

Ill hold my breath till i see you
So dont mind me if i look a little blue
I want to save every gasp of air
To make sure...

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