Paroles Ten And Two de A Bird A Sparrow

A Bird A Sparrow
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  • Artiste: A Bird A Sparrow32224
  • Chanson: Ten And Two
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Textes et Paroles de Ten And Two

Erase these dreams I never had
It turns again but never look back
We'll never go back
Delete these sheets I failed to save
Words cant describe the day
And I cant speak tonight

Never look back
Never hold back
Gotta get back
To the places we once loved
So I can sleep tonight

Embrace these streets ive never crossed
It turns again and we might be lost
But we're well on our way
We lost our way back home
And we drive around for miles
Just to see the open road
I can see it comin

Lets keep driving
Just keep driving
Lets keep driving
Just keep driving

We've gotta find our way home

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