Paroles Barefoot de A Bloody Canvas

A Bloody Canvas
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  • Artiste: A Bloody Canvas19405
  • Chanson: Barefoot
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Textes et Paroles de Barefoot

can you stand in the heat and not get burnt by the street
can you stand on your own and say that your not alone
can you stand when i stare at your golden brown hair
can you stand how i write all these songs about you (well is that alright. is that alright yeah)
i dont want you to worry, i just want you to care
if i stand by your side would you notice i'm there
my heart skips a beat when i notice your smile
when your eyes lock with mine it's like i'm walking on air
oh how i loved it in the clouds with you... you mind walking barefoot on a hot autumn day
do you mind how i struggle while i search for words to say
do you mind rainy nights that i never spent with you
do you mind how all these songs have been written about you
(is that alright, is that alright yeah)...
...i want you to want to be wanted by me
i want you to wonder about what we could be
(is that alright, is that alright yeah)
well i want you to want to want me too
well i want to be wonderful, wonderful like you
in truth i only really wanted to be wanted by you..
...would you walk barefoot down the boulevard
or lie topless in the lawn
no your not like that, and i think i like that
so i wrote you this song
well i want you to want to be wanted by me, well can i be wonderful?
wonderful like you
in truth i only really wanted to be wanted by you
(is that alright, is that alright yeah
its not alright...its not alright)

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