Paroles Seasons de A Bloody Canvas

A Bloody Canvas
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  • Artiste: A Bloody Canvas19405
  • Chanson: Seasons
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Textes et Paroles de Seasons

the sky sets a lighter shade of white this winter, promising a snow that never did fall, one we never really saw at all, the air slips into a tired winter chill that wouldve seeped through our bones if we had been alone, but we weren't walking alone, no

the cold air forces me to hold my breath but I wouldn't be breathing anyways, so afraid to breathe, so afraid to speak, there's an aching in my legs, i feel them going weak, but it's not the cold or frozen skies, it's just that burning in your eyes, that keeps me warm

I can feel my hands growing numb, but not before I've found someone who can melt the snow from winters past, the words i spoke i spoke them fast, for fear that winter wouldn't last, but I swear there'll be snow on the ground, and sands on distant shores, and when the weather seems right, i'll hold my hand in yours....

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