Paroles Desprate But Not Serious de Adam Ant

Adam Ant
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  • Artiste: Adam Ant19807
  • Chanson: Desprate But Not Serious
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Textes et Paroles de Desprate But Not Serious

If I ask you difficult questions
If I make improper suggestions
Would you find that a risk to your health
Would you put me up on the bookself
With the books and the plants?

Desperate but not serious
Your kisses drive me delirious

If I were kind and adoring
How would that be?
Very boring
Mister Pressman with your penknife
Always asking about my sex life
And who with and how many times?

Desperate but not serious
Your kisses drive me delirious

All the advice seemed so unkind
"If you don't stop, you will go blind!"
Tell you it's none of their business
Then console you with a big kiss
On the lips and on the back of your neck

Desperate but not serious...

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