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  • Chanson: Fox News
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Textes et Paroles de Fox News

Born with a silver spoon and a money made carriage
A youth sheltered from the truth till abandoned by his parents
Rupert Murdoch became a true Citizen Kane
Daddy's paper inherited, put all doubters to shame
To sustain a paradigm bent on world domination
Five decades, conglomerates, a network's abomination
Print, television, film, a neat little package
Buy up all competition, avoid excess baggage
The empire created, the next noble pursuit
Buy any willing politician with the excess loot
Now in Ronald Reagan's pocket, pushing outwards from home
To Ariel Sharone and countless other leaders, to bone
The middle man, working class, told what to enjoy
What actions to pursue, what habits to employ
Behind the scenes , Fox News, the blueprint of a fiend
Eradicate free-thinking - the American Dream

Fox News is sheltered up in an oil-funded palace
Drink the working class' sweat from a gold-plated chalice
Oppress third-world countries through never-ending malice
Now you look in my eyes - tell me you're Fair and you're Balanced

Robert Ailes, big kahuna, set in charge of the news
To pursue, the 'Right' angle, every anchor white dudes
Or white women, dyed hair, no want in journalism
Plan to overthrow your minds with packaged patriotism
On the roster: Bill O'Reilly, nothing short of Satan's clone
Grabbing ankles for pigs, we're in the "No Spin Zone"
Alan Colmes: if he's a liberal, Billy Graham is as well
And Sean Hannity's his altar boy - it ain't hard to tell
And what passes for news is simple propagandist sight
Home movies of George Bush with Entertainment Tonight
Breaking news around the clock on Michael Jackson's arraignment
A flak story - flagged coffins, call Brit Hume for containment
Fear mongering of terrorism, downplaying the war's death
Kill 100,000 Iraqis and portraying we're blessed
Well shit, you don't say, the terror alert's orange?
I'll strap C4 to my chest and bomb Fox News with my boys

[Chorus x2:]
Fox News is sheltered up in an oil-funded palace
Drink the working class' sweat from a gold-plated chalice
Oppress third-world countries through never-ending malice
Now you look in my eyes and tell me you're Fair and you're Balanced

Demoralizing free speech and free press at the hands
Of a company, that in the eighties, supported the Taliban
Is under way, hulking towards us a towering behemoth
A juggernaut beyond the reach of our government, believe this
It IS the government, now the media's taken over
No longer the 4th branch, choose what happens to our soldiers
And the world's grown colder, we're spoon-fed lies to save
Face, and stay safe, and keep us knotted in our place
But it's time to break the bonds, break away from artificial
Emancipate your mind, eliminate the superficial
Have a backbone, for Christ's sake, this isn't a dress rehearsal
It's our lives, it's all that's given, repercussions universal
Ignorance is no excuse for accepting the actions
Enacted by a militia - representing crazed factions
The best start to the end of the finish line to succeed
Is to stand up, turn off the TV and

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