Paroles Sever The Memory de All Shall Perish

All Shall Perish
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  • Chanson: Sever The Memory
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Textes et Paroles de Sever The Memory

Locked inside of this oppressive life
You've surrendered your mind to its conformity
You lost all you once had to its fucking lies
Bringing those you loved down with you
It seemed like an eternity i was lost... lost in your lies
Striving for a breath of change you would never give
Taught to enslave the ones who can't fight your way of life
This was not my choice
Give me a reason to look back on you
And defy my strength
Give me a reason not to smash your face in
You're worthless in my eyes
On my own. I don't crave redemption
In your fucking lies
As you inflicted you could not give me solace
You're worthless in my eyes
Sever it all from my thoughts the bloodshed the torment
Sever the memory
Sever it all from my thoughts the horror you gave me
Sever the memory
I will not fall victim to you again
Blinded with the fear searching for a new way
To lay the seeds of deceit as you just fucking betray
Your actions soaked in blood
Just like the doctrine that you preach every day
Fuck your indoctrination
It destroyed all my hopes for you as i fell away away
Mislead and forced to serve for your crooked faith
Bitter from your violent ways
Anger filled my every day
Rejected the notion of a god or a hell
Renounced your religion ill rely upon my self
Oppression was not the life for me
I could never follow blindly
So what's left for us
Hatred and so much bad blood
Leaving me with one choice
You must be severed

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