Paroles Dead de Batmobile

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  • Artiste: Batmobile21545
  • Chanson: Dead
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Textes et Paroles de Dead

(I want them when they are)

Even a young girl pretty faced 'bout 16 years
I don't care for her love, laughter or tears
Who cares about emotions of young or old
I only want them when they are cold
Well I'm a necromaniac, sound of body and mind
My girl don't have to love me or treat me kind
If they're rotting or smelly that's OK
I only want them to be that way

I Love them when they are dead......
I want some cold-blooded women lying in my bed
I Love them when you are dead

So listen girls if you wanna be nice
If you want to please me just take this advice
Hang yourself or shoot yourself right through the head
Cause I only want you when you are, I love you when you are
I love you when you are dead.........etc.

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