Paroles Lydian Song de Ben Folds Five

Ben Folds Five
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  • Artiste: Ben Folds Five21943
  • Chanson: Lydian Song
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Textes et Paroles de Lydian Song

I've been thinking something over.
Yeah, I can't wait any longer.
Yeah, I've tried to hold it inside
With a bad excuse for my pride.
Lay me down.
Oh, lay me down.

Well, there's always something
That gets stuck between our minds.
And I'd like to move it in
Just wouldn't you one more time.
Boy, it surely feels better to say "We'll try"
Than to say goodbye.
Don't say goodbye.

On a Sunday afternoon,
I'm about to reach my quota.
Yeah, I think tomorrow's Monday.
And I rush into the kitchen,
Only to find my wish and
Lay me down,
'Cause you weren't around.

And if I've been wrong
To wait so long
To tell you why,
Then don't believe the pain
That you see in my eyes.
Every time I tried,
My tongue's been tied.
The words were slowed.
Oh, but they didn't show.
No, they didn't show.

Another Sunday afternoon.
Yeah, if I was wrong
To wait so long
To tell you why,
Then don't believe the pain
That you see in my eyes.
Every time I've tried,
My tongue's been tied.
The words were slowed,
They didn't show.
They didn't show.

Another sunday afternoon.

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