Paroles Hard As Steel (Hot As Hell) de Bewitched

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  • Artiste: Bewitched5296
  • Chanson: Hard As Steel (Hot As Hell)
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Textes et Paroles de Hard As Steel (Hot As Hell)

Bestial powers straight from Hell
A Mayhemic orgy sound
We're all under an Infernal spell
Let's bury the posers in the ground

Tonight We'll set the Spirit free
The Holocaust is near
Black-winged Demons is all you'll see
And the sound of Death you'll hear

The sign of Hell We bear
The oath of Black We swear
We're the Legions of the Dark
We're blessed with Satan's mark
So don't youi mess with Us!

We're Hard as Steel - Hot as Hell
Hard as Steel - Hot as Hell

We're the Master, you're the slaves
Stay out of our lair
Because if you enter, no need for graves
You better die, We'll never care
...You're skin We'll wear...

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