Paroles Heaven Is Falling de Bewitched

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  • Artiste: Bewitched5296
  • Chanson: Heaven Is Falling
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Textes et Paroles de Heaven Is Falling

[Music and lyrics by Vargher]

Charged with Evil
A burning lust to desecrate
Charged with Hate
Raging through the holy gate

Death is in the air tonight
The gates of Hell are open wide
Demons filled with hellish wrath
Towards the land of god they ride

Triumph - through torture
All christians die!

Charged with Evil
A burning lust to desecrate
Charged with Hate
Raging through the holy gate
Armed with Fire
Jehovah's angels cry and weep
Prepare to die
The Devil's legion has come to reap

The holy soil is drenched
Angels blood so warm and red
Demons filled with hellish lust
Drinking the wine of the dead

Heaven is falling

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