Paroles The Sundering Of Eternal Sentience de Cephalectomy

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  • Artiste: Cephalectomy5282
  • Chanson: The Sundering Of Eternal Sentience
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Textes et Paroles de The Sundering Of Eternal Sentience

[Of Elder Creation]
Of the first disobedience of the elder...
It was Tiamat who bore them
Upon the seas of Absu they surged
By their rebellion abode in the heavens
Of ages they grew in bearing and age
Beware of Anu who begat Enki
Their waters as one water
Called by name and of shape
Their doings were loathsome unto the ancient ones.

[Return to the Lore]
For many an age Marduk ruled the throne of heaven
Ye the blood of Absu cries out to the abode of vengeance
From the blood of Kingu Marduk fashioned men as gods.

Insurgence! They are the lost ones.
From a time before time
Of a place beyond the stars
From an age when Anu walked the earth
We have felt the wrath of the ancient ones
We are from a race beyond the wanderers of night...
Beneath the seas of the Earth, calm but thunderous
Tiamat called from her slumber, Barra Xul!

The cold and the rain erode all things
A plague of the gods upon men of earth

Of the rising of the elders
Upon the throne of Marduk
From the calm seas they surged forth
To slay the iniquitous sons of Tiamat
They take to the heavens
Their eyes burning with the malice of ages
They are the children of the underworld
Men laid to waste in their path
The realm of man consumed

The dead hath risen to destroy the living
Marduk sits in wait armed with contempt
Shadows, the burning shadows of war
Filled with an evil emotion sounds the call
Faceless and wraithlike they rode to the heavens
To disperse the limbs of Marduk upon the seas
The eye upon the throne is opened, dark waters stirred...

[Confrontation and Decimation]
I call forth the name of Marduk
Lest he hear my speech upon his throne
We speak to thee terms of war
Lay down your will or be slain from the skies,

"It is i Cthulu who beckons you Marduk.. Submit or face my wrath!"

"I bow to none, god Cthulu.. Let us make war!"

Thus the heavens shook with the thunder of war
Such that the Earth split upon its core and was torn asunder

[The Espousing Blackness]
As a binding of light, time became frozen as the northern seas
Unto a place where no space could exist Marduk and Cthulu were awakened from destruction. As unto their ears a voice spake.. I am the watcher of
watchers, surveyor of all things...
Elder god Marduk, Ancient one Cthulu.. Your time has ended upon the black earth.. Your war hath brought destruction upon the universe. This has been the
end of all things. Nothing exists of what you once fought so wantonly for.. Your immortal lives have come to end. Stoop down, unto the darkly shining
abyss.. Dead and no longer dreaming..

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