Paroles How To Make A Sun Bleed (Hollowed) de Colten with Wings

Colten with Wings
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  • Chanson: How To Make A Sun Bleed (Hollowed)
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Textes et Paroles de How To Make A Sun Bleed (Hollowed)

hollowed out by industries.
we still breathe in this disease.
you don't say, "goodnight baby."
even when the sun still sleeps.
together, together we...
will be able to see..
where our loved lives come and go.

disruptly kinds of dead lands.
what we stole from cold dead hands,
will carry us by the throat.
until we, until we know.
what we forgot to be told.
here, our voices speak too low.
and our loved wives learn too slow.

tell me those things that you wanted to tell me.
in this hollowed tree, we can make the sun bleed.
you're hollow, and i will let you breathe.
you might have me in the palm of your hand.
but, don't fuck that up, leading sand..
up the hourglass. it'll happen so fast.
you're so hollow, you can make the sun bleed.
i'm so hollow, and you're worse than me.
don't you just wish this was a bad dream..
contagiously dizzy, i can hardly see..
you're so hollow, but you're my disease..

we can make the sun bleed.
or we can make believe.
i'm so happy.
we're so happy.
tryed to discuss it..
through with this bullshit.
you're so hollow, you're not through though...

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