Paroles If You Need A Touch de Crystal Bernard

Crystal Bernard
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  • Artiste: Crystal Bernard22415
  • Chanson: If You Need A Touch
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Textes et Paroles de If You Need A Touch

When your mountains all seem to crumble
And you fall down into the valley
He'll pick you up and give you strength
To climb another mountain
So put your faith and your trust in Him
God's gonna take you to the very end
Well there's no need to worry
'Cause God is standing by

If you need a touch from Jesus
This very hour
Knock on the door
Step right on in and cry out loud
He's upstairs on His Throne
He'll give you grace and power
Tell the servant you need the Master
And I'm sure, so very sure
He'll be right down

When your burdens sometimes they get heavy
And you feel just like you can't go on
Why don't you think about all the things
That God has done for you (you better count your blessings)
Pick up the phone, why don't you dial His number
My God is waiting, waiting to hear you call
Jesus, I need you
I need you right now (right now)

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