Paroles It Changes de Danny!

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  • Chanson: It Changes
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Textes et Paroles de It Changes

[Verse 1:]
Dear Teresa
I hope you get this letter
You know I have to send it to an alternate address
Because your man'll come across it
And probably bug the fuck out
He'll read about the stuff we used to do when you had snuck out
But listen, I'm through with foolish talk and reminiscin'
As much as I would like to take it back when we was just friends
I just can't, I care about you way too much
And for your patience I can't thank you enough, now think about it
Ever since I drove you away
My sunny days have been so cold and so gray
And all the color is gone
We really had a love that was strong
I didn't mind you probably rode the same school bus my mother was on
Age is just another number
How I got myself into this situation
Makes a brother wonder
I let you down and now I'm drowning in my self-pity
I hope these words'll help forgive me
Please don't leave

Just when you think that you know where you stand
You've got the world in your hands
Just when you're sure of a dream that you've planned
That's when the scenery changes
It changes

[Verse 2:]
How could I ever doubt you?
You told me, you WARNED me to take things at face value
Conclusions were jumped to
I still remember seeing red, cryin' cause you just wouldn't come through
I've come to my senses
But I sense it's too late
You're packing up your suitcase
And you're headin' out
I swear, I just...oh shit
Hol' up my pen's out of ink..
I'm tired of goodbyes
I need more hellos
It's funny how a black boy grows
And his maturity enhances
I think that we deserve a second chance
With our personal romance
'Cause I don't know where I stand
You said not to put your trust in man
But you put your trust in me
Baby please don't up and leave
Forget my phone, let it ring
More than my friend, you're my everything (everything)


[Verse 3:]
If I could take it back
That letter off your windshield, to the time we made a pact
And said no matter what would happen
Wherever things would take us
We wouldn't let (we couldn't let) misunderstanding break us
Or miscommunication, I miss the communication
I miss seeing you smile and yes, I miss your jubilation
I'm in for a rude awakening, if I ever expect
Things to get better; forgive me but never forget
Next time I'll think twice, before doin' something rash
And risk losing everything that I had
I thought I learned my lesson after ??? left me
Any questions that you have
Take a second and ask
My world changed dramatically
In a matter of months
It all happened at once
I pray you don't stay mad at me
I'll always love you, for better or worse
I'm forever yours, it hurts
To not have you near me


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