Paroles Ancient Gibberish de Darwin

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  • Artiste: Darwin32887
  • Chanson: Ancient Gibberish
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Textes et Paroles de Ancient Gibberish

Set aside common sense. Blocking out intelligence.
Surrender to the ignorance.
Busy trying to decipher your preacher's words.
Not based on valid facts but ancient gibberish.
It's no higher poor, just a poor excuse.
Deep nonsense that won't become my truth.

Accept you can't know everything, the world is much too intricate.
Just keep on searching your truth, your life, your fate.

Set aside common sense. Blocking out intelligence.
Surrender to the ignorance. And call it God.
You follow, you swallow, the sperm that caused the birth of many wars.

For what? For fear? Fear of the unknown?
Dedicate your life to an invented lie called heaven.

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