Paroles This Mental Nourishment.. My Drive! de Darwin

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  • Artiste: Darwin32887
  • Chanson: This Mental Nourishment.. My Drive!
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Textes et Paroles de This Mental Nourishment.. My Drive!

There grew a rose inside. But only thorns were seen.
Planted in fertile soil. Could transform into a dream.
Fire reflected in my eyes. A tiny twinkle 's born.
This mental nourishment.. my drive.
Seems nothing ever stood to reason.

A transcendent contingency. Became mine to create.
Unaccustomed first steps. The red of a petal reveals.
This is me, my dream, my angel. This is me...

Uncertainties in shapes of dreams.
Resemblance to so many withered.
But it won't alter my determination.
I won't let it die untried... again.

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